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Creative Consulting


I’m a New York City-based editor and publishing consultant dedicated to helping novelists and other creative people tell their stories. After working as a literary agent for over a decade, I understand how the craft of writing intersects with the business of publishing, and I have a passion for helping writers navigate between the two.


If you are a writer looking to make your manuscript, book proposal, or query letter more seaworthy before approaching an agent or publisher, this old salt is here to help (that's me, Old Salty). If you are an editor or agent in need of a fast critical read or have a client whose work would benefit from focused editorial support, ditto. While I specialize in editing works of fiction for all ages, I offer multiple editorial services for writers, agents, and publishers. So let's get cracking!

Please find a selection of books I've worked on and represented below.

The Princesses of Iowa
Mercury Retrograde
Witch Creek
The Whitefire Crossing
The Tainted City
Who's Got The Etrog?
Dragon Fruit
Blood Orange
Blood's Pride
Fortune's Blight
Strife's Bane
The Hallowed Ones
The Outside
Recklessly Yours
Dark Flight
Sins of the Angels
The Dragon's Playlist
Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree
Duck Sock Hop
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