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Client Testimonials

Becca is an absolute joy to work with. She has a keen editorial eye for flaws in prose and story structure, and she provides excellent, constructive feedback. Rarest of all in the publishing industry, she also excels in communication and professionalism. She is prompt with replies to emails, patient with questions, unflagging in her encouragement, and she never failed to keep me updated on status. She has a real passion for helping authors succeed, and always gives her best effort to her clients. I would work with her again in a heartbeat; I can't recommend her enough.

Courtney Schafer

Author of The Whitefire Crossing, The Tainted City, and The Labyrinth of Flame

As my wonderful agent, Becca was my guide to the publishing world for eight years and sold multiple books and subsidiary rights on my behalf. Becca knows paths into the deep forest of the unconscious where stories come from. If she were an archetype from the Hero’s Journey, she would be the mentor who shows her author how to set a novel on the path to publication. She knows what to cultivate, where to cut, and how to commit her author’s vision fully to the page. True word-wizards are rare, and she is nothing short of magical.

Laura Bickle

Author of the Wildlands Series and The Hallowed Ones

Becca is astute, professional, and a natural-born editor. As my literary agent for 7 years, Becca shepherded me through all three books of the Jaymie Zarlin Mystery Series. She provided insightful edits of each book throughout the publishing process, and her innate gift for plot and pacing was invaluable. Becca understands the underpinning of fiction in all genres: how the development of character guides the development of plot. My books would have been less without her sharp-eyed attention to both detail and overall concept, and her top-drawer ability to communicate these at times gnarly issues. Becca was diplomatic and kind in her corrections, yet firm when I was perhaps a teensy bit stubborn. In a nutshell, she taught me how to be a professional writer. Any writer who is fortunate enough to gain Becca Stumpf’s services will benefit greatly, both in the long term and in the particular work under scrutiny. I could not recommend her more highly.

Karen Keskinen

Author of The Jaymie Zarlin Mystery Series

Working with Becca was a joy both professionally and personally during the nine years in which she represented me as an agent. She has just the right touch when offering constructive criticism and feedback, making the sometimes difficult task of listening to critique feel gentle and enlightening. Becca worked extensively with me on revising my picture book and early reader manuscripts, making astute observations and creative suggestions that helped me fully realize the stories I wanted to tell. She is easy to communicate with, responsive, and always feels like an ally on your writing journey. 

Jane Kohuth

Author of Duck Sock Hop and Who's Got the Etrog?

You may well be so busy enjoying Becca’s company that it will take a moment to realize how undeniably she’s improved both your writing and your overall experience in the publishing world. I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Becca on three books, and though she makes it feel easy, there is complex technical skill behind her editorial support. She reads at subterranean levels, grounding her acute critical feedback in a deep understanding of a story’s mission. She unfailingly believes in and champions my writing while simultaneously pushing for deeper characterization, clearer voice, and more innovative storytelling. She edits for structure, plot, and pacing as well as grammar and consistency, and somehow manages the whole enterprise with forthright humor and warmth. That is the delicate balancing act of a true professional, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a hell of a human being, too. Any writer would be lucky to work with her.

Rebecca Rogers Maher

Author of The Bridge and Rolling in the Deep

Working with Becca over the last eight years, I found her insight into story and character to be dead on. Her feedback guided me through revisions and re-writes that allowed me to hone my writing skills as well as understand how to tell a compelling story that readers could relate to. Her editorial skills shone on big-picture concepts, but she also suggested line edits that made a world of difference in the flow and tone of my books. In addition to her technical skills, Becca is a delight to work with—kind but firm in her critiques, and always willing to discuss my premises and concepts to help me take my books where I want them to go. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Becca as an editor will quickly see that she has the knowledge, professional publishing experience and instincts to help them become a better writer.

Lark Brennan

Author of The Durand Chronicles

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